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Frequently Asked Questions


What cladding options are available?

Our main claddings are Pre-primed weatherboard and Ply & Batten, but Brick, Colorsteel, Shadowclad, Linea and anything you may think of are all possibilities that may be used with our system. View our full cladding options. 



Can I choose where the internal walls are placed?

Yes, our floor plans are flexible, and you can structure the house to fit your preferences.



Can we change the standard plans?

Yes definitely, the first floor plan we can sketch up free and after that a charge of $150 is made per plan for scale concept plans. (Subject to size and complexity).



Do you do ensuite designs?

Yes, and of course you can always add extra bathrooms to any sketches you send us to have drawn up into concept plans.



Can you do houses outside your normal build area?

Yes, we supply materials for local builders in other areas, and as they are relatively simple to construct it shouldn’t be a problem for someone who hasn’t put them up before.



Are foundations included?

We include an estimate in the pricelist for piles on a level site, on “good ground”. This may vary with wind loading, difficult ground conditions, slope and area, and any engineering requirements. Concrete floors can also be done if required.



Can you do a full build option?

Yes we can. The ‘complete stage’ on the pricelist shows costs to the perimeter of the house as the connections can vary hugely depending on location – some are in the middle of a paddock, some beside the road.

Carpet and painting can be a personal choice, so many people choose to deal directly with the supplier so it saves paying us as the middle-man, but we can certainly organise it if you wish.



How long does it take?

Once you have confirmed a plan it usually takes 3-4 weeks to get a full set of council plans, then about 6-8 weeks for the consent to come out (the council may ask questions during this time which can delay the process).

The lockable shell is about 3-4weeks for the standard homes (including the floor) and then around 4 weeks to our ‘complete’ stage. You then have service connections to add after that.



Do you have a granny flat/secondary dwelling plan?

Yes, we have a popular 2-3 bedroom unit which conveniently works out at 74.4m2, which is just under the 75m2 restriction that many councils use. As with all the plans you can tailor the internal layout to suit your needs and these are transportable if you want to move them in the future.



Do you organise the building consent?

Yes, we provide a full set of working drawings and technical specifications for the consent which we apply for on your behalf.

The cost is additional as all the councils have different charges..

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