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Cladding Options

Two main claddings are available, in different styles, but the world is your just ask, as our system can be used with just about anything.

Pre-primed Weatherboard Cladding

Pre-primed Weatherboard

Our latest finish gives the timeless weatherboard look long associated with Kiwi homes.


This real timber weatherboard is primed and undercoated on both sides, so all you have to do is paint in your chosen colour.
This product comes with an Eco ply sheeting fitted underneath on the whole wall for strength, longevity and added protection.
The sharp lines of the traditional weatherboard look at home either in the city or on your lifestyle block.

Ply and Batten Cladding

Ply and Batten

A modern variant on the traditional 'board and batten' look.


The ply and batten houses use a bandsawn finish ply with matching battens to give a deliberate rustic look, and more battens can be added to give that authentic board and batten appearance.


A less expensive option than the weatherboard homes, and of course can be stained or painted any colour you like.

Build Levels


The Kitset

OPTION 1: With this option we provide the shell frames and materials for your own builder to construct the house to the 'lockable shell' stage. We can supply the floor also if required and any other products if needed. This may be an option for you if your project is of considerable distance from our builder's base, as it saves on travel and accommodation costs.


The Lockable Shell

OPTION 2: This is where we supply and build the house and floor, ready for you to finish in your own time or as funds allow. Again, we are flexible, so if you require other work or materials just ask.


The Complete Stage

OPTION 3: The 'complete' stage provides a house ready to connect to services and paint and decorate in your chosen colours. We can happily arrange for carpet, paint and connections, and often do, but these can vary considerably from one client to the next so we will price it specifically for you and your situation if needed.

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