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Earthquake Replacement in Cashmere

A new build for a customer who wanted a house that wouldn’t crack this time! A tricky site involving driven piles and a slope, but the use of ready-clad panels helped get materials onto site quickly where access was limited.



Three Bedroom Home with extra Veranda and Porch

Based on one of the standard plans this was tailored to suit by the customers, giving them the sun and views towards the hills, but also shelter at the back door should a cold Southerly blow through.



Cedar Clad Home in Amberley

This is a variation on the ‘Concept 6’ plan with a bedroom pushed out to form an ‘L’ shape, and has a larger veranda with the hardwood decking. It is currently used as the show home, so it available for viewing by appointment.



Two Bedroom Cedar Cottage

This is a very popular size for a two bedroom home, having a large main bedroom and lounge that is bigger than the 3 bedroom Concept 6. We have built these for retirement batches on the West Coast to small starter homes for young families.



One Bedroom Bach

This is stage one of a larger project. The customers have had this for a few years, but are tripling its size so more family can come to stay and enjoy the stunning views. (See construction page for the updated version)


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