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Modular factory built housing systems using ready clad panels giving you:

Efficiency and Cost Savings

We can design and construct your new home in a matter of weeks where others take months!

Get a quicker return on your investment, save on your mortgage and move in sooner. A lockable shell can be up in as little as one week with our ready-clad panels!


Whether you need a multi-roomed house for a large family or a single bedroom bach we can accommodate your needs within our NZ designed modular system. The factory's standard plans can be adjusted or we can help you bring your own designs to reality. There are a variety of claddings available ready fitted, or other options are available, just ask.


We like to have our customer's input on their new home and therefore our plans are designed to be flexible. Standard plans can be adjusted to suit your preferences, and any internal wall changes are FREE.


The factory uses computerised machinery and jigs to create highly accurate panels, built in a dry controlled environment.

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Cladding Choices

We have a selection of standard factory fitted claddings available, but this is not exclusive, as the system lends itself to all types of finish.



Pre-primed pine ‘bevel-back’ weatherboard.

A long standing Kiwi favourite. Made in long run panels and quickly craned into position in a matter of hours. 


Cedar shiplap board.

Enjoy the natural beauty of cedar. Cedar is one of the world’s most durable timbers, containing natural preservatives and has a straight uniform grain.


Ply and batten.

Band sawn ply is complimented with rough finish battens to give a traditional ‘board and batten’ appearance.

Other options.

Brick, Colorsteel, Shadowclad, Linea and anything you may think of are all possibilities that may be used with our system. As all the panels are ready clad in Ecoply, giving a very strong initial build, claddings such as brick can be added afterwards yet still taking advantage of the fast build system with the main structure.




  • Ready clad panels - for fast construction
  • FREE internal wall changes
  • Adaptable plans - your designs
  • Factory built for accuracy and efficiency
  • Fully insulated, ceiling, walls and floor
  • Built on site - no expensive delivery costs 
  • Quality double glazed aluminium joinery
  • Stainless steel fixings to all exterior cladding
  • Guaranteed workmanship and materials
  • Very strong construction - whole house is ply lined


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